XpressGas Supports New Horizon School

Maureen Darko presents an award to a student

Xpressgas Limited recently joined staff and students of the New Horizon Special School to hold its Fun Day Games in commemoration of World Autism Awareness Day.

XpressGas Limited, major sponsor, is a wholly-owned Ghanaian company established in 2010 with commitment to making LP Gas readily available, accessible and affordable to all Ghanaians living in urban and rural communities, hence the company’s tagline, “Gas for all, wherever you are.”

With the aim of making gas accessible to the masses, XpressGas has rolled out an initiative, Swap’N’Go.

With this initiative, clients and customers just have to call the XpressGas Swap’N’Go Team and they will provide gas to clients on a door-to-door delivery basis.

The team also provides maintenance on client’s cylinders.

The games saw students showcase their skills in various activities such as three legged race, wheel-chair race, 50 and 80-metre races, sack race, filling of bottles, and football, among others, which elicited applause and cheers from parents and the public.

General Manager of XpressGas Limited, Maureen Darko, said the Fun Day Games are very critical because they help the students to socialize better and have fun.

Mrs Darko praised the founder of New Horizon Special School, Salome Francois, now 88 years old, for her sacrifice, hard work, passion and dedication towards helping students find a purpose in life over the last four decades.