‘I Wanted To Be Pregnant Since I Turned 29’

Yvonne nelson

Renowned Ghanaian actress and producer, Yvonne Nelson, has debuted her baby bump in public on the cover of Wow Magazine as she celebrated her 32nd birthday on Sunday.

This has put to rest unconfirmed rumours and doubts about her pregnancy and subsequent childbirth.

“Wow! It’s my birthday. The best year of my life. The best birthday gift ever! Looking for a miracle? Just look around you. It’s there. He’s present in everything..,” she said on Instagram on Sunday when she posted the cover of the magazine to unveil her pregnancy.

Yvonne Nelson, who is the producer of the award-winning TV series Heels & Sneakers is known for her massive following.  She has been trending in the news over her pregnancy for months.

She told the Wow Magazine she was humbled at the idea of becoming a mother.

Yvonne nelson

“…The truth of the matter is it’s (pregnancy) been something that I have been waiting for since I turned 29,” she said.

“On my 30th birthday I was in Venice in Italy. I remembered the night before my birthday, I called my mum and I was crying, I cried, I was so sad. I was seeing someone else then and he was an ideal guy and everything. He took me there for my birthday and he proposed to me but I didn’t put it online, I’m not one of those people that would make a lot of noise on stuffs like that. He is somebody I would have loved to have a family with but then he wanted me to move to London. My whole life was going to change because of him and it is not something you should do. You don’t have to change your whole life because of a man because of marriage,” she revealed.

Though her mother wanted her to be married before she had children, Yvonne said she has accepted it and is more concern about the baby.

Asked if she felt she wasn’t the traditional type of women who prefer to be married before having children, Yvonne mentioned that although it’s good and right to be married, it’s up to the couple even unmarriedto make the decision to have children.

“I wasn’t sure but I suspected I was. I was in London at the time with my man. I was so ready I know this was what I wanted at this moment in life, she further said about her pregnancy.

Commenting on the birth of her child, Yvonne Nelson finally confirmed the rumour that she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and also that the father is happy and has met the child.

“It’s a girl, you know, and her dad is very excited,” she disclosed.


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