Waakye Runs From Sex Allegation Story

Waakye and Rosemond Brown

Actor Prince Yawson, known popularly as Waakye, has declined to confirm or refute an allegation that he had sex with controversial socialite and actress, Rosemond Brown, in a bid to support her acting career.

Rosemond, who has been tagged as a ‘social media queen’ alleged on The Delay Show some several weeks ago that she had an affair with the veteran actor.

However, at a press conference on Tuesday to announce her upcoming movie, she surprisingly made a U-turn on her claims, saying she lied.

“Mr Yawson introduced me into the movie industry and he played a vital role nurturing me to become who I’m today. I was interviewed on Delay Show, which I made an unpleasant comment about Prince Yawson and I want to apologise for my utterances during the interview. I did this because of fame I’m sorry,” she revealed.

Reacting to the issue in an interview with Joy News’ MzGee, Waakye declined to confirm if he, indeed, had sex with Rosemond.

In a snippet of the interview posted on social media on Wednesday, Waakye said, “Whatever she did, it wasn’t as if she was telling the world I am thief or I am murderer or I have forced something out of somebody. No! There is this saying that a drowning man will clutch at a straw.”

He continued, “She feels these are the people that she could use to get to the destination she wants to get to. So she probably did that. So now if she realised she did the wrong thing and has come to apologise, who am I”?

Asked if that means that there is no truth in the sex allegation made by Rosemond, Waakye replied, “Well, I wouldn’t want to go there.”

He also refused to comment about whether the allegation caused a rumpus in his family or not.