Vodafone CEO Promotes Healthy Lifestyle

Yolanda Cuba

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Vodafone Ghana, Yolanda Cuba, has led a team of Vodafone employees to ride bicycles to work in an effort to highlight the importance of physical exercise to the overall wellbeing.

The cycling exercise embarked upon on Wednesday, November 15, 2017 saw the CEO, known for her commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle, rubbing shoulders with her staff.

The move formed part of a Vodafone group-wide campaign dubbed, ‘Global Wellbeing Month.’
This is the second time Yolanda has led the team to cycle from Cantonments, through the Aviation Social Centre to the Vodafone head office at Airport city in Accra

Speaking after the exercise, Yolanda Cuba said the value Vodafone places on employee health, safety and wellbeing cannot be over emphasized.

“We have made great strides in ensuring a healthy and a safe workplace for employees, contractors and the general public within our jurisdiction.

“The great work accomplished in the health and safety sphere has culminated in our celebration of four years without any fatal incident. We reckon that life style choices affect individual’s health and wellbeing and this is why we are working hard to facilitate the health and wellbeing of employees,” she said.

Yolanda Cuba explained that Vodafone dedicated 16th October to 17th November to promote the wellbeing of employees across the company, adding that “while we do this we compete amongst other OpCos in a ‘Global Wellbeing Challenge.”
She further stated that Vodafone Ghana has won the ‘Global Wellbeing Challenge” for the past two years.

“We want to be the first again for the third consecutive time while the wellbeing of our employees continues to improve.”
The one-month campaign had various activities, including aerobic session every Friday to keep employees active and fit; a Business Fusion session – a day of games and team bonding –  to entrench the spirit of good health and exercises amongst employees; biggest weight loser competition throughout the month to help employees lose weight and improve their health; and a healthy lifestyle awareness to encourage and promote healthy eating.