Unnecessary Foolhardiness

Baba Alhassan

We have never doubted the ability of the law enforcement agents to deal with unruliness when the conditions prevailing at a given time are right. Our fears have always been driven by the undue interference from some quarters to have lawbreakers let off the hook. In the past, that feature prevailed in this country leading to a heightened incidence of impunity and weakened enforcement of the law.

For those who wondered whether things have changed since the baton of office was handed over to President Akufo-Addo, the recent incident in Tamale when a group of rowdy youth attacked the Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH) CEO and matters arising thereof should give them a positive assurance.

We waited to see the outcome of the dastardly action. Eventually, those behind the criminality have been nabbed one of them granted bail yesterday by a Tamale court as the case was adjourned.

The suspect would have learnt the important lesson that it does not pay to embark on such Rambo missions in today’s Ghana which is now totally hinged upon the rule of law.

In the past, being associated with a ruling party was a licence to breach the law and get away with it. No longer so, as the rule of law takes centre stage in our dealings.

We are excited that that there has not been the usual political interference we were used to witnessing under such circumstances in the past.

The Tamale incident occurred because those behind it erroneously thought that, with their contacts, some calls from powerful political elements would have seen them off the hook.

If any group of persons can simply go and drive away heads of public institutions simply because they do not believe in them or are even suspicious of them, the country would turn chaotic and the role of a government no longer tenable. Governments are created to ensure good governance hinged upon the rule of law otherwise society would be reduced to the animal kingdom which is not what we want for ourselves as a people, civilized of course.

Those who have grievances should channel these through the appropriate quarters for redress. With various layers of governance in place, the aggrieved can always move to the next level with their grievances.

It was worrying listening to one young man refusing to express remorse about the action but rather serving notice of a return. Now the state has intervened and we wonder whether any of them would attempt such foolhardiness any longer.

Soon after the incident, the staff of the hospital in solidarity with their CEO, embarked upon a strike action which was understandable. We did not begrudge them, since after all, workers should be able to render their public service without fear or favour. They have since returned to their wards and consulting rooms.

Those who dare the awesome power of the state should blame themselves for their predicament. A civilized society is one in which the rule of law is applicable and those who breach this standard are brought to book swiftly without favour.