UMB Empowers SME Clients

An official of KPMG addresses participants

Universal Merchant Bank, in partnership with accounting firm, KPMG held the first in a three-part training seminar at the UMB Centre for Businesses in Kasoa for its SME clients within the business enclave recently.

The session was to educate them on bookkeeping, tax compliance for SME’s in Ghana, corporate governance and succession planning, among other relevant business subject matters.

The day’s seminar was attended by about 30 select clients from different segments of the SME sector.

The second and third SME training seminar would be held at the UMB Centre for Businesses in Madina and Kumasi on June 25 and July 16 respectively for SME clients in and around those business areas.

The business training seminar included a combination of technical sessions, addresses and case studies through interaction with the participants and practical training.

The interactive sessions, facilitated by KPMG and UMB, focused on building robust succession plans, keeping reliable accounting records, increasing job opportunities, reforming their governance structure and etc., that will help in ensuring business continuity and scalability, as well as making them viable for financing from universal banks and achieving overall growth in their businesses.

The seminar presented an opportunity for the bank to discuss concerns and suggestions by the participants.

It also enabled the exchange of ideas, thoughts and expertise regarding setting up and running a successful small and medium scale enterprise.

Participants took advantage of the opportunity to exchange views on business strategies with the seminar facilitators and business peers.

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