Time For Botchwey To Emerge

Dr Kwesi Botchwey

The NDC Manual as former President John Mahama has dubbed the Prof Kwesi Botchwey’s report on why the party failed is an enigma.

It has evoked myriad problems since it was completed and hidden somewhere in the rooms of some party apparatchiks. Like other documents of its stature, it shall, come what may and regardless of the security surrounding it, be leaked.

The controversy surrounding the publication equal’s the party for which the project was commissioned. When DAILY GUIDE commenced to do stories from it, the party denied we had the bona fide document describing our efforts as nothing but mischief. Even as they questioned the integrity of our stories and its source, the publication, they failed to support their position with convincing details.

Their effort at denigrating us was futile as they quickly came to terms with the reality that we had in our armpit the Kwesi Botchwey report and nothing but it.

Those who somewhat supported the NDC in questioning whether we have the real document have eventually laid their hands on it and are feasting on it lavishly.

What to do next is what they are best at doing-running down individuals with fabrications – in this case the author of the publication.

Now the heat is on the Prof himself, his integrity threatened by the impressions some top NDC personalities have about him. The party gurus are starving the publication of the oxygen to stand as a credible document worthy of reverence on the political scene.

The man in charge of research of the party who failed in his assignment as head of the National Identification Authority (NIA) after so much public funds went into the project has dented the image of the honourable Prof.

The impression being created about the publication is most worrying and deepens the woes of the party. Why would a political party of this stature deny a publication into which it pumped so much to get done?

Prof Botchwey who still remains below the public radar as far as the publication is concerned, should be considering defending the product of his sweat. He and others traversed the whole country gathering the impressions of party faithful about what went wrong only to be slapped with a ‘no confidence’ verdict in the output. That must be worrying for an academic of the standing of Prof Kwesi Botchwey.

Claiming rather subtly that the publication is a ‘one-man show’ and therefore lacking credibility is an indirect blow to the Prof. Did he author the publication in his bedroom as they are seeking to impress upon Ghanaians?

The NDC is the largest opposition party in the country whose house in its current state is anything but normal. We thought that the output of the work of the Prof would have provided the ingredients for an overhaul of the NDC machine. Not so, however, with the publication suffering such a devastating blow, and by extension, the integrity of the Prof. It is time for him to come out of the hole in which he appears to be hiding in the midst of the hullabaloo.