Tic Tac Goes Live In Aayalolo Buses 

Starting from Monday, December 4, Tic Tac will be seen in Aayalolo buses entertaining and sharing souvenirs to passengers in a novelty.

The initiative is to create awareness ahead of the release of Tic Tac’s seventh album and mark one year anniversary of Aayalolo since it commenced operations.

This will see passengers on board the buses with Tic Tac get free a Run Energy Drink, CDs and other Aayalolo souvenirs.

Additionally, Tic Tac’s new songs and videos will be played for him to entertain and interact with passengers in the bus. The programme will start on December 4 from the Amasaman bus terminal to Tudu and a return trip in the evening.

On December 5, the people of Ofankor will have their share to cruise with Tic Tac to Tudu amidst some entertainment.

Achimota passengers will not be left out, as it gets to their turn on December 6, when Tic Tac and the team join them to Tudu.

Speaking at the press launch which was held in Achimota-Tudu bound Aayalolo bus on Tuesday, Tic Tac stated that it is a listening session with his fans ahead of the release of his album titled ‘Mama Grace’, which is aimed at honouring his mother.

He said it will be an honour to interact with passengers and his fans and have fun. He urged those without Aayalolo card to get one to be part of the excitement.

The artiste expressed his admiration about the level of comfort the Aayalolo bus offers passengers and urged Ghanaians to take advantage of it.