The Interoperability Convolution

And it came to pass that an interoperability system, a fantastic concept under our prevailing circumstances was fashioned out – contract for which was awarded amidst sways of procurement breaches.

When a contract of the magnitude of the subject under review is awarded at a cost of GH¢4.6 billion but turns out to be completed with a relatively small amount of GH¢16 million, we cannot but raise our eyebrows about a create, loot and share situation in our hands.

Like other instances of public kitty thievery, this one has been jinxed as the political party under whose aegis the contract was awarded to a darling boy of the grouping, engineer statements to confuse Ghanaians.

It is pitiable that those behind this unacceptable situation would continue to throw up lies in the public domain with no trace of remorse from their end.

It is as though those responsible for the useless efforts to rob Ghanaians of so much money think that all their compatriots are gullible and so they can get away with such cheap antics such as presenting fodder to the fake news industry. They have engineered a statement and attributed same to a person who is said to have no knowledge of the composition.

A political grouping which can go the full hog to create a desk to churn out lies should be dreaded by Ghanaians because persons who constitute it have no scruples and can therefore go to any length in their effort to throw dust into the eyes of the people they seek to govern again.

So much water has gone under the bridge and in fact as the muddy water starts getting clear or in other words, as the chickens come home to roost, we are beginning to understand more what went on which created so much hemorrhage in the public kitty.

Yesterday, the interoperability issue took a major turn as the elements in the opposition party charged with managing their fake news desk, authored a statement, we have learnt, and attributed it to the former Governor of the apex bank.

Government officials became suspicious about the correspondence which sought to rubbish the anomalies discovered in the contract and matters arising thereof.

The fake news was expectedly thrown up into the social media mill and soon went viral but no sooner had that happened than the truth was let out of the bag.

The gentleman whose name was affixed on the said story, we learnt, was taken aback about what was being attributed to him. He was so confounded with the development that for many hours he was speechless.

Word came out that from one of the media houses that he had dissociated himself from the contents of the correspondence. It was a tough thing to do as he risked being torn apart by NDC hawks.

If only we could identify the crafters of the content of the said statement, we would have found out from the security agents whether their misconduct is actionable; the silence of the former Governor notwithstanding. What a political landscape littered with mischief with social media at the beck and call of the dirty activists.