The Adenta Highway Deaths


For the umpteenth time yesterday afternoon, one person was fatally knocked down on the Adenta highway by a speeding vehicle; this time, a student.

Even before we proceed with this commentary, we wish to point out that a lot of hypocrisy is being spun into this matter.

We would not accept it when some spin masters seek to shift the blame of the non-existence of footbridges on the highway to the government.

The predecessor of the NPP government was in power for eight years and did not find it necessary to construct footbridges at strategic points along the Madina-Adenta-Aburi highway.

The current government is two years into its first term and has already announced that the N1 Highway which has also claimed lives would be fitted with footbridge in response to the avoidable deaths.

The demonstration which greeted yesterday’s fatality was understandable. The Adenta Police would agree with our concerns that the fatalities are getting out of hand having been at the forefront of removing the remains of the victims of the accidents from the scene.

The negligence of the previous political order notwithstanding, we wish to once more call for the construction of footbridges on the highway under review. When these are completed it behooves the authorities to ensure that pedestrians are compelled to use them.

Yesterday’s demonstration was unfortunate because it could have been avoided had those at the helm before the present crop of politicians took over, considered the fitting of footbridges long before exiting power.

The statistics are growing and so we call upon the authorities to, as a matter of urgency, react immediately. The death of a person under the circumstances is worrying but when the dead is a student of a senior high school, it is even heartbreaking.

It can only be imagined how the parents of the student are going to digest this piece of sad news. For us, this is a clear case of bad governance on the part of those who sat down and allowed the dangerous situation to persist until they exited.

The burning of tyres and obstruction of traffic as witnessed yesterday was definitely a national security issue which should not be allowed to recur: this being the second time it is taking place under the same subject.

Besides the footbridges, it is our position that motorists are compelled to observe the speed limits of 50 kilometres per hour on the highway. Some motorists are just crazy speeding as though the highway is bereft of pedestrians crossing at some points and as though it were a car racecourse.

Were it sensible, we would have asked for speed ramps but being a highway such obstacles could be counterproductive.

Be it as it may, such deaths must be halted now without delay.

Besides the footbridges, the relevant agencies must ensure that the streetlights in the city are working. Many are not and that adds to the causes of accidents on our intra-city roads. Even some traffic lights need attention too because they have been off for a long time.

The relevant appointees and technicians must be on top of their jobs to save lives. One hundred and ninety five deaths so far? That is outrageous!