Terrorism NDC’s Newfound Pet

The phobia for terrorism is derived from the bloody activities of ISIS and boko haram. Until these became manifest on the international media terrorism in our part of the world, was confined to the pages of dictionaries.

When the country woke up to news about Canada and Britain supposedly warning their citizens to be wary about Ghana where the possibility about a terrorist attack is imminent, it sent expected shockwaves down the spines of most of our compatriots.

As for politicians on the minority side it was a God-sent opportunity to label the country unsafe and attribute the security status to the government of the day. Oh dear! Sometimes one wonders why persons who seek to use such developments for political leverage go to extremes, their status in education notwithstanding.

It is standard practice for Western countries to post such warnings on their websites since after all, Ghana is in West Africa – a sub-region containing Mali, Burkina Faso and Nigeria. Desperation pushed some politicians to pull this piece of warning and publicise same to give a semblance of instability to the country. That is how far we have come with politics with the National Democratic Congress on the minority side. Giving the ruling party and government a bad name and hanging on the political space, for them, could undo the many good things to the credit of President Akufo-Addo’s government.

Fortunately, Ghanaians have moved on from being mere consumers of news to the point of analyzing same and making informed decisions, even if they do not hold PhDs. The NDC have lost it already and it will serve them better if they go to the drawing board to consider new ways of dealing with Ghanaians.

The past week has witnessed so-called security experts falling over one another with a medley of postulations about the so-called security alert. All of them were in agreement though, that Ghana was not at risk of a terrorist attack since after all, we have neither offended boko haram nor ISIS in any way.

Those Ghanaians who have offended are rather the NDC. They voted them out of power humiliatingly and so they would continue to torment the gullible few with exaggerated tidbits from an assortment of websites.

Local terrorisms, which we witnessed in some political situations in the not-too-distant past, are still fresh in our memories. These were perpetuated by the NDC when they were at the helm. Really what is the difference between somebody boasting about the terrorist activities they were engaged in when they killed at will in the Brong-Ahafo Region or even a party chairman found with an AK 47 assault rifle in the Talensi by-election?

We recall the Chereponi bye-lection and the bloodletting that followed. The abuse of power by a government of the day in total disregard for the rule of law is a wanton act of terrorism by all standards. Such cannot be allowed to fester under the current political dispensation.

Let them steer off such nonsense so we can concentrate on the damage created by eight years under a regime which glorified corruption and the abuse of the rule of law.

The situation report or SITREP is normal with no upward review and besides, our security agents are on top of their jobs.

Making mounds out of anthills won’t help this fractured party. Remember the ‘making the country ungovernable nonsense’ from one of their topshots?