Tema Pilots Govt’s Concrete Road Project

Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia

Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has disclosed that as part of government’s resolve to build roads in the country with concrete, they have decided to begin with the Tema Steel Works road as a pilot project.

According to the Vice President, government has realized that it is less expensive and long lasting compared to asphalted roads which get destroy after a few seasonal rains.

Dr. Bawumia made the revelation last Saturday while dedicating a temple for Harvest Chapel International Ministries in Accra.

He explained that “why is it that we are not building our roads with concrete and rather doing all this asphalt, bitumen which get washed away after about two seasons. If you look at Tema Motorway, which was built with concrete and it is lasting for over 50 years and so that sort of think got me thinking and we started that discussion. It’s a simple idea but it’s full of wisdom. I checked and I realized that even in India since 2014 they have a policy to build only concrete roads because it works out much cheaper.”

The Vice President noted that Cabinet had agreed to the construction of concrete roads.

“So I said let me bring this to my bosses and we have been discussing this as recently as last week in Parliament. Cabinet did decide last week that we should move towards concrete roads as a country. And they are going to do the Tema Steel Work Road as the pilot road for the concrete roads in this country. It’s a lot of wisdom,” he pointed out.

Tema Steel Works Road, which links the Driver’s Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) at the Heavy Industrial Area, is the most deplorable road network in the metropolis.

Numerous heavy-duty trucks ply the area as a result of over 100 industries situated there.

From Vincent Kubi, Tema