Man Vies For Woman’s Organiser In NPP

Sumaila Fatawu

A 32-year-old native of Zebilla, Sumaila Fatawu, made history by contesting for the Women’s Organizer position, which has over the years been the preserve of women in the various political parties in the country.

The chairmanship positions in the political parties have mostly been contested by men over the years, but some women have vied for them in the past.

In 2011, Samia Yaba Nkrumah, daughter of Ghana’s first President, won the Convention Peoples Party’s National Chairmanship position while in 2010, Agnes Asangalisa Chigabatia, former Member of Parliament (MP) for Builsa North constituency, also won the Upper East Regional Chairmanship position of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

When the posters of Sumaila Fatawu popped up in Zebilla, in the Bawku West District of the Upper East Region, many residents laughed it off.

Many residents initially thought the designer of the poster made a mistake and rather sympathized with Sumaila Fatawu for wasting his resources.

Others thought he was just out to create humour, but Sumaila Fatawu insists he is seriously about contesting for the position.

Mr Fatawu, in an interview with DAILY GUIDE said “the position is not for women alone, just as men do not have right to become chairmen, regional organizers and secretaries.

“I have done my checks and I have been told by learned people in the party that I can contest for the position. I think people have assigned this position to only women because over the years, no man has been brave enough to contest with the women. This time, they will have the shock of their lives. The party women know me well and they know what I can do to mobilize resources for women of the party in the Zebilla Constituency,” he said.

According to him, he grew up in Zebilla and has dealt with the women in NPP and beyond in various ways.

“Now they think I am joking but when they realize I am not, they will start begging. And that wouldn’t stop me from winning the position and mobilizing more women to support the NPP. Let them continue to laugh, I will continue to work,” Mr Fatawu declared.

From; Ebo Bruce-Quansah, Bolgatanga