Students Battle With Snakes At Oterkpolu

The Dilapidated Structure

Teachers and pupils of the Oterkpolu/RC Basic School in the Yilo Krobo Municipality of the Eastern Region are living in fear of snakes, which have invaded the dilapidated school.

The reptiles would continue to scare the pupils unless the relevant authorities take steps to address the problem.

The school prefect, Okran Tei Den said, “Sometimes when we are learning in the classroom the snakes crawl in, at other times they fall from the roof and we all run out. We are always scared when we come to school because of the snakes.”

According to Djambah Micheal, the headmaster of the primary school, he kills snakes every day.

“There are hundreds of bats in the school and the snakes feed on them, he said, adding that he recently killed two pythons which had come to feed on the bats.

“A week ago, I was in my chair when a snake fell from the roof and escaped after I picked a stick to kill it.”

The headmaster added, “It is not easy at all here, it’s just by the grace of God. Recently, I was going through my lecture notes behind my desk after the first break, then I had a strong sensation to turn right and when I did I saw a big snake nearby.”

According to the headmaster, the authorities have failed to address their grievances.

He said, “Some time ago, the Municipal Director and his team inspected the uncompleted structure close to the school which had been abandoned four years ago, but nothing has been done about it.”

“The actual problem is that this structure has been like this for more than seven years, we have taken pictures of it, written to the Municipal Education Office and the assembly which promised to do something about it, but nothing has been done. There are deep cracks in the wall and certain portions have been washed away by rains. There are holes in the roofing.”

Continuing he said, “In the afternoons, the room becomes very hot so we always bring the kids out to study under the trees. When it starts raining, we end classes and close for the day because of the nature of the roofing and the structure. We don’t want to witness the collapse of the building with the kids in it,” the headmaster added.

From Daniel Bampoe, Oterkpolu