Stop The Predatory Teachers Now!

From the Kumasi Secondary Technical School comes a heartbreaking story. A predatory teacher has had inappropriate sexual intercourse with a student.

He has finally impregnated the girl obviously after several incursions. Being an unwanted pregnancy, the teacher turned to an abortion, a crude one. This has impacted negatively on the student’s health, a complication.

If there are things which can cause anguish for parents, this is one of them. Why would teachers be so reckless as to make overtures to very young girls who should be encouraged to learn and not engage in sexual encounters with their teachers?

This is so wrong; we should not only condemn it but organize a national action against it in a manner that would send the right signals to those engaged in the unholy acts.

Bad teachers have used all manner of subterfuges to have access to vulnerable girls entrusted to them by their parents.

The Kumasi episode is only a tip of the iceberg of the situation which is now a countrywide phenomenon.  Head teachers it would appear have lost control over both teaching and non-teaching staff. The situation is so bad that a few weeks ago, a non-teaching staff in one of the schools fondled the breasts of a student.

It would be very difficult for heads of schools not to know it when predatory teachers are using their positions to make sexual advances to students.

The rate at which the nonsense is being replicated across the country is tipping a crisis dimension: we must act now as a nation or live with randy teachers as they do as they like with female students.

In the Western Region, a similar incident happened and the wicked teacher warned the student not to divulge what had happened between them.

In Obuasi, another incident occurred. The teacher asked the girl to go and study in his house during the usual evening prep. Poor vulnerable girl! She could not turn down the overture of the randy teacher and so obliged. When she went the wicked teacher did not allow her to read her social studies notes or general science.  He raped her as he pleased.

The traumatized girl has abandoned school unable to contain the prying eyes of her colleagues – the story having made the rounds in school compound gossips.

The Ghana Education Service (GES) should take a very serious note of the many randy teachers in our public schools and take appropriate action to stop them in their tracks.  We have made too many sacrifices to make the free SHS module operative and so dealing ruthlessly with sexy teachers who have no consideration for the relatively tender ages of their victims to the extent of raping them is an appropriate response.

The GES and parents should demand of head teachers total control of the schools entrusted to them. Teachers who rape or even have consensual sexual encounters with their students should go to jail. Some parents have suggested castration for such teachers.  That would not be too much. What nonsense is this!