Spoiling The Literary Broth

President Akufo-Addo giving his inaugural speech

It was a fantastic inauguration of a new president full of colour and pageantry accompanied by a speech full of hope for despondent Ghanaians that there is, indeed, light at the end of the tunnel.

A day after the performance, social media propelled an avoidable blunder into the nooks and crannies of the country and even beyond: it came in handy for bruised NDC activists.

They have been silenced by the electoral victory of their opponents and would hold on to any straw such as this.

Plagiarism is a literary crime and should not be tolerated under any circumstances. Be it as it may, isn’t it human to err and express remorse when this becomes public knowledge or obvious?

Indeed, there is no reason to defend what is a blunder but the manner in which the subject is being exploited to, as it were, achieve a political leverage is not only laughable but pedantic.

Let those relishing and basking in the accompanying fallouts remember that this cannot win them the hearts of Ghanaians but good governance, honesty and sincerity can.

Even if President Akufo-Addo is a fan of Woodrow Wilson, the originator of those portions of the speech which is threatening to spoil the broth of the inauguration courtesy NDC elements, he would not deliberately lift his words for want of better expressions the way killjoys seek to impress upon their compatriots.

What a way to start the first day of the president’s tenure! This is how many, troubled by the blunder, have sought to put it.

It is one of those silly blunders which fly so fast through social media and help one’s opponents who are gearing themselves up for what awaits them when the books of their stewardship are laid bare for all to see very soon.

Remember some of them said their worry with an NPP win is their sure march to prison.

Their worry can be justified only if they have skeletons in their cupboards. With a man glued to the rule of law and who would not brook any breaches of same, suspects can be assured that only the courts can deal with them with no influence from the political establishment.

We have been told about the meticulousness of President Nana Akufo-Addo. This is not the man to suffer the fallout of plagiarism as being bandied about and on social media, and today we think on some Montie-like radio stations.

Perhaps, this would provide them with the fillip to regain their composure after the post-election lull and attempt roughening the NPP.

Those who manage the president’s speeches and everything which can affect his esteem in any form should be up to the task of their assignments because their opponents are devilish and would do anything, we mean anything, no matter how debasing to regain power.

We would abhor any provision of fodder to members of the discredited club as they forage around for stones to hurl at the new team.

Always relying on equalization, they are using the badly produced last independence anniversary brochure, which attracted so much flak from the NPP for the purpose.

Even if the speechwriters are covered by the US Copyright legislation which sets a statute of limitation sort of, we are told by which literary works become public properties demanding no acknowledgement, we nonetheless ask that more pain be injected into such assignments of the president.

The contagions in the speech were secondary and so their exclusion would not have affected the substance of the beautiful speech.