Social Media Users ‘Lash’ Shatta Wale Over Akufo-Addo

Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale is under attack on social media for calling out President Akufo-Addo.

The ‘Dem Confuse’ singer, who arrived from his ‘Reign Europe Tour’ on Monday, November 3, went on social media to criticise the president for the “economic hardships” his fans are enduring.

According to him, the youth are complaining about being broke and unemployed, coupled with economic hardships.

He wrote, “Remember when the youth rise there is no stopping cuz everybody is saying it loud now ..”Chale money no deh “ “the system hard “ my job spoil “ this government has failed us” Yes this is what the street is saying and anyone who will comment and say am lying is a damn liar himself …Mr president stand up !!!”

Immediately after making his statement, some Ghanaians took offence, jabbing him under the comment section of his post.

Some roped in MenzGold saga, accusing his record label’s bank roller of contributing to the hardships Ghanaians are facing.

“Don’t forget MENZGOLD has contributed about 80% to this hardship because imagine the amount of money locked there. All those customers can’t spend money in the system like they used to do. All the collapsed shareholders of all the collapsed banks have huge amount of money at MENZGOLD that led to the collapse of all these banks. Tell your boss to pay and see the economy will boost,” one Christian Crucial wrote.

Papa Kwaku Owusu wrote, “The system is hot yes, send similar message to NAM1 to release monies of the people he ****. You get mouth talk about the president but you can’t find voice to talk about the people you benefited from, the MenzGold money. Tell your lazy fans to stop complaining because if clients no dey pay you for start working. How many of them are into legitimate business.”

“Sake of (because)  dey (they) stopped you and your boss from ****** Ghanaians through Menzgold so now you have a problem with the government…,” Kwésï Kíllz II said.

Some also attacked his music.

“Aswear (I swear) ebi (it’s) only your lazy poor fans are crying about hardship…try and find something for them to Do…Mr . youth President, ” Adams Hashim also added.