Sheikh Apau Identifies Cause Of HajjChallenges

TOO MUCH political protocol has been identified as the major cause of challenges that usually characterize the organization of the Hajj pilgrimage for Ghanaian Muslims annually.

Politicians should eschew protocol to help avert problems that are associated with the pilgrimage, according to the President of the Islamic Mission Secretariat, Sheikh Haruna Apau.

He said until political protocols were relegated to the background, the troubles that usually mar the organization of the trip to the holy city of Mecca annually would never be defeated.

“Virtually, all the issues that cause troubles in the organization of the trip of Ghanaian Muslim pilgrims to Mecca on a yearly basis are as a result of too much political protocols and that is a fact. Sometimes, genuine pilgrims are overlooked as they are replaced with party functionaries at the last minute and such issues lead to anger and troubles”, he asserted on Nhyira FM in Kumasi.

According to Sheikh Apau, the organization of Hajj in the country would be trouble-free if political protocols associated with the journey are put aside by politicians once and for all.

The president of the Islamic Mission Secretariat also noted that if politicians cannot do away with protocol then they should get a separate plane for their party functionaries to ensure peace.

He was of the view that there would always be troubles and confusion in the organization of the Hajj if “genuine pilgrims, who have paid for the trip, are replaced at the eleventh-hour”.

Sheikh Apau also suggested that competent and trustworthy people, who are not directly associated with political parties, should be called as a group so that they would organize the important trip.

According to him, it is the wish of every Muslim that the organization of the trip to Saudi Arabia for Hajj would be successful, adding that the time to act to ensure a peaceful Hajj for Muslims is now.


FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi