See Who Are Ranting In Excitement

Politics is an interesting occupation, especially in countries where liars and hypocrites are not barred from engaging in it.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC), the political party with the worst record in terms of disrespecting the judiciary or even the rule of law found in last week’s unfortunate Azorka Boys’ rating misconduct by so-called Delta Force men in Kumasi, something to jump at.

Smarting over the most humiliating electoral defeat in the country’s post-independence political history the reasons for which the party is still seeking at very expensive costs, the Kumasi incident came to them as Manna from heaven. They have expectedly savoured it with the voraciousness of a starving man.

It is pitiable how their crossroads position is driving them to the level of desperation: they have forgotten so soon their role in re-enacting the post 2000 political vigilantism in the local setting.

Someone out of anger could not help but let out the Akan expression ‘kwasiasem’ when the party issued a statement claiming that the NDC handed over a peaceful country to the NPP. Bumkum! An electoral defeat compelled the NDC out of office; the Plan B line of action to create confusion, as they sought, having failed to materialize.

Let them not deceive themselves. The equalization strategy in local politics, their preference, won’t be applicable any longer.

In any case, this rare misconduct on the part of the NPP activists cannot be stretched beyond where it has reached now. Indeed the fugitives have given themselves in because they know their party leadership won’t condone their unruly conduct.

Their misconduct has come under unusual flak by both NPP supporters and the party leadership, the latter supportive of the law taking its course by all means.

That is one of the variations between the NPP and the NDC.

In the latter, the President or his assigns are used to interfering with due legal process at especially the investigation stage.

There are myriad cases in point – the last being when former President John Mahama pardoned the Montie 3 after they were convicted for their weird sabre-rattling on the airwaves.

The prisoners had barely served half of their sentence; the entry palpably having an unenviable place in our judicial history because of its level of oddity and impunity.

Three South Africans were released on bail by a court of competent jurisdiction after they were arrested by a politicized BNI.

The court order was breached as the South Africans were whisked away to custody and nothing happened. It was a classic case of the executive not respecting the judiciary in a country where the system of separation of powers is supposed to be operational.

For a party whose forebear gave the nod for the abduction and murder of three high court judges it should not play the angel.

Didn’t the brother of a Minister in the previous regime claim he and others have been responsible for many murders in the Brong Ahafo Region and nothing happened to him until a new government took office?

The NDC should better shut up and let good governance gain a foothold in the country.