Restricted Stuff At The Marketplace

Former President John Mahama

Politics is not for those who lack integrity. Those who find themselves in this noble occupation but lack this critical attribute must quit because their continued stay in it does not inure to the interest of the country and adds to the erroneous notion that politics is not for the noble.

Today we are discussing issues which because of their security implications should be spared both propaganda and street conversations. Not so, however, when opposition members including a former President are lying between their teeth over an issue which initiation was started by their regime.

The now daily archival revelations emerging about what went on between the former President and the Yankees are not only embarrassing but unbecoming of a man who once served as the First Gentleman.

No wonder the country was tattered economically and socially under his watch. Statesmen are men of integrity and we would have expected the former President to show sufficient dose of this quality in everything he does.

Today our country has become a subject of ridicule because politicians who were once at the helm are administering lies to the unlettered and pushing them onto the street to protest against mendacious positions they have infested the public space with. It is as though joint military exercises between two nations and even the stationing of equipment for prosecuting a war against insurgents next-door is unheard of, a political anathema bound to destroy our country.

It is for a good reason that every issue pertaining to the military are clearly marked ‘Restricted’. All the deals former President John Mahama entered into with other countries in the security realm were never given such public space discussion because of their sensitive nature. Why now? It is because with a non-NDC political grouping at the helm, the country can go to hell. And they want to return to power?

The ‘Committee of the Whole’ treatment of some subjects in the legislature is because such matters should be kept secret; away from the prying eyes of foreigners and bad local politicians such as the NDC elements throwing dust into the eyes of Ghanaians.

It is alarming that today critical sensitive stuff about our military is being discussed on the propaganda plane. Those interested in finding out more about our military disposition would not have to worry so much as these details are freely flowing from the lips of Ghanaians who know next to nothing about confidential matters.

What would the international community think about us as a nation? We are losing face in the comity of civilized nations where politicians hardly lie so cheaply.

As for former President John Mahama, his silence on the issue shows clearly that he lacks integrity. Why should he continue to refuse to deny or support the revelations emerging about the fact that he entered into deals with the Americans even as his party is today turning its back on the deals.

Did he beg the Yankees for a military base in Ghana or not? Failure to answer this question is a suggestion that he is unfit to lead us again as a president. We are disappointed.