Re: Agbogbloshie Murders Of 2009

On 25th August 2009 Ghanaians woke up to the stunning news about the murder of four persons, one of them in front of the Agbogbloshie Police Station in Accra.

It was as horrific as it was surprising: not only did the Police do nothing to obviate the murder in front of their Police Station, they did not pursue it.

The killers were known supporters and activists of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) who together with other members of their party ruled the slum with the law ignoring the crimes they committed.

The Greater Accra Regional Police Commander at the time was the then Deputy Commissioner Of Police Rose Atenga Bio, a lady known for her readiness to protect the interest of the ruling party even if that demands that suspects in murder cases are let off the hook.

It would appear that the day of reckoning is nigh and those who killed are bound to appear before the court of law. Since crime has no expiry date, it stands to reason that one day when the political order changes the new persons at the helm would serve justice through the justice administration system.

The level of impunity which has visited this country in the past years that the NDC has been in charge is one of the main factors which accounted for Ghanaians insisting on changing the status quo.

It beats imagination why the law enforcement system of a country would be so abused to the extent that the then Greater Accra Regional Police Commander, in connivance with the Police Headquarters, would deliberately stay action on a criminality including murders much to the chagrin of the professional detectives and other law enforcement officers at the law enforcement headquarters. That is the Agbogbloshie story which is today begging for attention and redress.

Even as we compose this commentary, some residents of the slum, intent on revenging for the blood of their friends killed by persons donning the colours of a political party, are ready to strike.

Although these young persons have been spoken to by NPP personalities who do not want any such revenge attack to mar the early days of the party in  power, it is our position that they cannot be held back indefinitely.  The law, as things stand, must be allowed to work so that justice in the end is served the aggrieved.

Unless the case of the murdered Agbogbloshie residents is addressed by the law persons who wrongly think that impunity is the order of every political party in power, we would not learn anything.

We must grow and nurture our country along the lines of civility and good governance. No matter their statuses in society, nobody must be allowed to trample on our laws. Those who breach the law, especially if they are persons holding political appointments, must be dealt with according to the existing law. That defines the difference between a bad governance system and a good one.

The blood of the murdered Agbogbloshie residents is begging for redress. The top cops who ordered that action be stayed in the case must be named and shamed.