I Prayed About Returning To TV -Alisa Sowa

Alisa Sowa 

Miss Mailaka 2006 second runner-up, Alisa Sowa, has announced a come-back to showbiz, several years after she went off the scene.

The 32-year-old, who is now a mother of four, is the new host of My Space With Lisa, a new lifestyle show that talks about everything décor. It shows every Sunday at 7:00pm on GHOne TV and on Dstv Channel 36.

She uses the show to educate the average Ghanaian who wants to decorate his or her home but doesn’t know how to.

Alisa had always wanted to be a flight attendant so she could travel around the world. However, for those who knew her very well, it’s not surprising that she has come up with such a show because she loves décor.

“I love decor. I live and breathe décor and my passion for decor is undeniable. I have changed the décor or in my home five times in six years. It comes easy to me and I love it,” she told NEWS-ONE.

After Miss Malaika 2006, she had the opportunity to be in a few TV commercials for some companies like Vodafone. Then she got the opportunity be part of an all-girls talk show called ‘Meet The Girls’.

“It was a fun time for me, I really enjoyed but it didn’t last for long. I think it ended after the second season,” she revealed.

Then she took a break from TV in 2011 to do other things out of showbiz.

“I have a baby boutique called BooBoo Baby and my decor company Purple Square Interiors which is doing well. And that’s what I have been doing before the idea of the show came up. And since I’m an interior decorator, I decided why not explore this for a TV show. Because I hadn’t seen anything like that on TV.”

According to her, her return to TV and showbiz isn’t a decision she took alone. She planned with a friend but she had to let God have the final say.

“I met a dear friend Ms Nancy Anane, a style coach who insisted I come back to TV. I thought and prayed about it and eventually came up with the idea of ‘My Space With Lisa’. This idea came easy to me because I am an interior decorator myself and I noticed there was a lack of such a concept on TV. So I took my chance and here we are,” she explained.

“And I want to say a big thank you to my sponsors – Trasacco Group, Casa Trasacco, Samsung, Inesfly and AF Electricals for supporting my idea when they hadn’t even seen a pilot. I’m truly grateful to them,” she added.

Alisa comes from Kumawu in Ashanti Region but she was born in Tema and had lived all her life in Tema. She comes from a family of six. She has a brother and two sisters.

She went to Sakumono School Complex, then to Archbishop Porter Girls’ Secondary School and ended at the University of Ghana, Legon.

Alisa loves to decorate. “It’s both my hobby and job. I like to hang out with friends in a nice lounge to have drink and laugh,” she disclosed.

Unlike most people, she doesn’t look up to other human beings. “I look up to just God. Because everyone who looks up to him finds themselves. No Human being can replace the influence that God has on me,” Alisa reiterated.

However, she is proud of making acquaintances with personalities like Nana Aba Anamoah. “Yes definitely, I have met Nana Aba Anamoah who is also coaching me on the side on how to present on the side. I have met so many people and it’s been very helpful. I am happy for all the doors this career has opened to me, especially being able to decorate for some big names in the country but I can’t mention names.”

In the next five years, she sees herself as one of the biggest names in the décor and TV industries. The sky, she believes, is just the starting point.

“I will be decorating for the Presidency too in that five years,” she concluded.