The Poisonous Seeds Are Now Bearing Fruit!

The incident at the KMA Court

“A man who brings home ant-infested faggot should not complain if he is visited by lizards”—Chinua Achebe.

My late father had taught me many things for which I’m very grateful. One of such is not to draw hasty conclusions on issues. He had trained my mind to always unravel the source of disagreement between people before drawing conclusions. I have, thus, learnt not to draw conclusions on the face of what I see happening at a particular time.

In the last couple of weeks, our ears have been inundated with one act of impunity or another by the various militant groups affiliated to the ruling Elephant party. It reached a crescendo last week when the Delta Forces invaded the premises of the KMA Court to do the unthinkable. The silly bravado of the Delta Forces has earned the group the unenviable title, “The most lawless group in the country today.”

Many couldn’t believe their ears when the news first reached them. Many couldn’t believe such lawlessness was possible in this country until they saw a video of the group’s invasion of the court. Impunity of the highest order, isn’t it?

Understandably, many of my compatriots are very livid at the barbaric actions displayed by the group. I’m appalled at the shameful conduct myself. Their action must be condemned in no uncertain terms. Their action was unwarranted, disgraceful and an affront to the country’s justice system. For sure, only a nation-wrecker would condone such shameful and barbaric acts.

It is, however, gratifying to note that all thirteen suspects have reported back to the police and are currently in police custody. It is even more gratifying to hear that eight others had been arrested for the various roles they played in the court invasion saga. I support the call to allow the law to take its full course no matter whose ox is gored.

Abusuapanin, while we condemn the shameful act of the group and continue to call for justice to be meted out to the recalcitrant, have we asked ourselves how and why impunity could rise to such high levels? Perhaps, you have not but I have; and would gladly share my findings with you.

I always hate it when I’m compelled to look my compatriots in the eyes and tell them “I told you so”. I hate it the more when the prediction has negative consequences for the country. I’m sad but I would say it, “I told you so.”

Did I not tell you in this very column that allowing the machete-wielding Agbogbloshie hoodlums, who butchered and killed four persons in broad daylight and in front of the police, to go scot-free was tantamount to sowing poisonous seeds? Many may be surprised, but I’m not. I’m not surprised because I expected the poisonous seeds to bear fruit in due course.

Do you remember the Akwatia Jihadist who terrorized their political opponents during a by-election in 2009? They brazenly vandalized properties and even maimed their political opponents in full glare of the police. The likes of Dan Botwe nearly got lynched by the daring Jihadists. The police subsequently allowed them to walk free because their party was in power.

If you would recall, somewhere in 2009 there was this chilling news about a guerilla training centre in Bawku. The pictures were splashed on the front pages of some private newspapers and we all saw everything with our very naked eyes. A weapon training instructor was captured on camera giving instructions to G3 and AK 47-wielding recruits. One of the recruits was identified as the son of one of the executives of the then ruling party in the Bawku Constituency. Till this day, not a fly has been arrested for that treasonable act.

The story of the Chereponi shooting by a so-called BNI operative also easily comes to mind. The man deliberately shot into a crowd with the diabolic intention to kill; but was allowed to walk free because he wore an umbrella embossed shirt. Several calls on the police to effect an arrest fell on deaf ears.

Certainly, to allow such brazen acts of criminality to go unpunished would embolden many others to engage in same. The formation of vigilante groups such as the Delta Force is not by mistake and shouldn’t be a surprise at all. Actions of such groups are the fruits the country is reaping today for its inaction against the Agbogbloshie murderers, Akwatia Jihadists, Chereponi gun-man, Azorka Boys and the like. For sure, the poisonous seeds have started bearing fruit!

I’m, however, consoled by the fact that the new IGP has promised to help uproot the poisonous tree. I entreat all and sundry to give him the benefit of the doubt. While we eagerly await a swift action by the IGP and his charges, we remind him of the fact that the test of excrement can be determined by the smell of its fart.

See you next week for another interesting konkonsa, Deo volente!