‘Pogba Plays Like A School Boy’

Paul Pogba

Graeme Souness has hit out at Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba after comparing his style of play to a ‘schoolboy running around in the playground’.

The former Liverpool midfielder, now TV pundit, feels the Frenchman can provide a lot going forward but is ‘absent’ when the back four needs protection.

During United’s defeat at the hands of Tottenham last week, Pogba was criticised for being out of position several times and Souness believes it’s unfair to put all the blame on Romelu Lukaku when he isn’t getting the service he needs.

‘When he’s asked to do a job centrally, he’s forever straying towards the ball. A central midfielder should never be in areas wider than the penalty box, unless they are out there to confront danger defensively,’ Souness wrote in the The Sunday Times.

‘When your side are in possession you should always be thinking: “If it breaks down, I’m out of the game.” Pogba empties that central area far too readily.

‘He will do something clever in the final third, but will be absent when his back four are under the cosh. He plays like a schoolboy running after the ball in the playground.’