‘PIAC Must Effectively Monitor Oil Projects’

Rockson Bukari (left) and Dr Steve Manteaw – Chairman of PIAC

Outgoing Upper East Regional Minister, Rockson Ayine Bukari, wants the Public Interest and Accountability Committee (PIAC) to fairly monitor the implementation of projects funded with Ghana’s oil revenue.

He also encouraged PIAC to be fearless in announcing their findings after their periodic monitoring of ongoing and completed projects, saying the committee’s reports would paint a clear picture as to whether the country is getting value for money invested in the projects.

Mr Bukari was speaking at a meeting with members of the Public Interest and Accountability Committee at his office in Bolgatanga.

According to the Regional Minister, when he assumed office, he constituted a monitoring team which travelled across the region to take inventory of ongoing and completed projects in the region to match their findings with available information.

Unfortunately, some of the projects captured as having been fully or partially funded with the oil revenue could not be traced, while others have not been completed.

“I am not happy with what I have seen; people have not been fair in executing the contracts awarded them. You cannot blame them alone; the people who are supposed to monitor these works, also do a bad job and so these contractors and people who award the contracts, get away with their bad deeds. I must say it, I am not happy; our region is suffering and these projects that are to help make our lives better are not being done well even though monies have been released.”

He tasked PIAC to work hard to get the lawful institutions to prosecute contractors, who misuse public funds released to them and also prosecute public officers and government appointees who neglect their monitoring and supervisory roles.

Chairman of the Public Interest and Accountability Committee (PIAC) Dr Steve Manteaw, said the committee is a statutory establishment by law and would not renege on its mandate, saying PIAC would work to the expectation of the public without fear or favour.

He said the committee on periodic goes round the country to provide information to the citizenry on the activities of key stakeholders in the oil and gas industry and the usage of oil resources.

PIAC has educated people at Fumbisi in the Builsa South District and Sandema in the Builsa North District on how Ghana’s oil money has been used over the years.

From Ebo Bruce-Quansah, Bolgatanga