Our Money

It couldn’t have been better news from Madam Attorney General; not the notorious judgment debt payer one and payer two who also received from that same payout, but the current one. Madam Attorney General I created the loot for congress sharing and Madam Attorney General II had chopped her professional share when the loot was shared. The money had been paid by the finance man through the same man’s bank.

This Madam Attorney General, though, unlike her predecessor congress chopper Madam Attorney Generals, says there is no way we will lose one pesewa of our over GH¢51 million that ended up in a certain thief man’s pocket in the nauseating days of create loot and share judgment debt money. She is not a chopper Madam Attorney General; she sees herself as made to recover chopped motherland money; and so she would do her job as Madam Attorney General.

We know all those congresspeople, some people, those people, the thieves who came, created, looted and shared that money, amongst other judgment debt monies such as ISOFOTON and whatever. Now Madam Attorney General III says, if we don’t get anything out of our stolen money at all, she guarantees to retrieve GH¢51+. She has presumably seen property here and property there and bank accounts all over with the motherland’s cash stashed in them. What heartening and spirit lifting news!

May I remind Madam, though, that as much as the Woyome money may go a long way to prop up free SHS spending, it is only about 1.72% of the rest of the total USD750 million that was paid out as judgment debt money, between 2010 and 2012, which we are supposed to get back from the choppers of our other types of common money from 2009 to 2016.

I am yet to hear from loquacious blabbermouth Ayarilie as to whether he will dare lie once again about his nocturnal visits, pleas and begging to be allowed to chop our money and tractors and so on free bonto. Of course, it is all over that he is not the only one among the many who are begging to be allowed the choice of chopping our money according to corruption demolisher, Martino the only Kaiser around.

Of all the stealing, the double salary seems to be the littlest; a littlest which totals some GH¢12,000,000 that’ll be motherland gain. I read a congresswoman quoted as saying ‘It’s not double salary; it’s double payment.’ Compatriots and I aren’t concerned about that; only the money.

Taking 2013 figures of a Minister MP receiving GH¢14,512 a month and a MP’s remuneration of GH¢ 12,442, each double-salaried or double-paid minister received GH¢26,957 per month.  That amounted to GH¢323,484 per person per year. They are supposed to be nine so we are talking GH¢2,911,356 for each year; and for four years, GH¢11,645,424.

There hasn’t been much talk about this significant gain coming from Madam Attorney General. Instead, the news has been a bit of he who’s virtually taking the dum out of dumsɔ to leave us with an almost uninterrupted sɔ, suffering a ministerial dum himself. I wish I knew all the facts surrounding what happened. I heard something like ‘extending the management period of our electricity.’ That would be something; because all the MIDA thing has been about that; that efficient use of what we generate. I thought someone could have listened. I remember some top person in Ghana Telecom telling me that they would ensure Vodafone will not work.

The other talk has been about bank failings. During the period of the expression, ‘financial meltdown’ which saw people ruined and businesses across the world collapsing, I began to suspect banking as a system set up to steal other people’s money. That was almost confirmed when my retired senior banker told me that banks would usually not tell whose bad loan they are writing off, the one thing that collapses them the banks. Along with others, the man of God has been trying to lead in transforming our rich natural resources and talent. How sad he would fall prey to a trickster ‘banker.’

This week, close to Mother Attorney General’s assurance of the retrieve of the GHC51+ stolen motherland money, were the details from Bank of Ghana as to who took how much for what to collapse banks. Now I know that it has been another congress create, loot and share; and a lesson for people in this motherland who think that group of people can ever help this nation to prosper.

Same week, there were happenings which have led compatriots to brood over or ponder how come that he who killed dum to give us almost uninterruptible sɔ came to have his ministerial position to be dum. It’s not pleasant and it’s not helpful; no.

By Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh