‘Our Kids Refused To Go To School’

Kwasi Nyantakyi and family

Christine-Marie Nyantakyi, wife of former Ghana Football Association (GFA) boss, Kwasi Nyantakyi, has stated that the airing of the Tiger Eye PI Documentary had a telling effect on their two daughters aged 9 and 13.

Speaking for the very first time on Accra-based TV station, MetroTV, Mrs Nyantakyi revealed that her husband has wondered why the calculated attempt aimed to entrap him, having served Ghana football for over a decade.

She said “His (Nyantakyi’s) worry and the bother is what the motive was; so he tried to find out from people why they did that? The motive for somebody planning, plotting, strategizing and executing this just to make sure he’s disgraced.

Mrs Nyantakyi added “So that has been his pain and worry; he doesn’t mind at all whatever has happened; he has taken that in good faith, but each day he keeps asking what have I done wrong? If they wanted me out they could have found another way; but that scheming to that extent.”

And responding to how their two kids reacted to the news-public viewing / ban, she mentioned that “Yes; it’s been tough for us, but we’ve been able to hold on by the grace of God. Our two kids refused to go to school for four days; they just didn’t want to go. One of them told me a friend in school told her daddy will go to jail.”

She  said “Paul, I mean we are all human beings…the conversations that we have every day amongst us as friends, as associates and business partners, if those conversations are taken out, all of us will be in trouble. “The sociologists will tell you that human beings are complex beings; as soon as a light is thrown on you; your behaviour, your demeanour, your gestures change; so you talk to somebody knowing that there’s no one else watching you, there are no cameras; and then all of a sudden; everything is in the open.”

The Tiger Eye PI documentary on corruption in football has resulted in the life ban on Nyantakyi in all football related activities.

By Kofi Owusu Aduonum