Ntim Campaign Coordinators Quit

Stephen Ntim

The Northern regional coordinators in charge of championing the political aspirations of the New Patriotic Party’s aspiring National Chairman, Stephen Ayesu Ntim have unanimously resigned from their positions.

The regional, zonal and constituency coordinators from the three northern regions have resigned unanimously, alleging that the said candidate is unfit and doesn’t have the party at heart.

According to the 168 delegates, earlier in their campaign, Mr. Ntim ill-advisedly went on radio and in the process leveled unfounded accusations and allegations against the President and leader of the party, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

They said the NPP has come far, as far as rancor and in fighting with their concomitant effects on the party’s unity and peace are concerned.

It was therefore ill-conceived, according to them, for a person seeking to become the national chairman of the party to be openly castigating the President and Leader of the party.

“We do not want any division in our party, and if whilst seeking to become National Chairman, Mr. Ntim can take on the President on radio; we shudder to think what he will do when he has sat in cabinet, where he will have access to vital information to run down the government,”   they pondered.

After following and working for the said candidate, the regional coordinators assert that, Mr. Ntim has no better plan or policy for the party.

According to them, they have realized that, he has no campaign message that will win him the chairmanship.  They added that, the campaign style adopted by the aspirant is diabolical and immoral, divisive and insulting to senior members of the party, hence their decision not to be associated with it.

Mr. Ntim has claimed that senior members, elderly and founding members of the ruling New Patriotic Party have been neglected by the party and government since it came to power. Some of the said party elders have since denounced the claims saying it is not true and should be disregarded.

“As someone seeking to be the national chairman of the party, we expect Mr. Ntim to know and respect protocol in dealing with party executives. We are stating without any fear of contradiction that Mr. Ntim has angered most Regional Executives by going to their regions and embarking on campaigns without informing the regional bodies. The question is how does he intend to work with the Regional Executives when he becomes Chairman when he doesn’t respect them even as a candidate?” They quizzed.

In a statement signed by all the three Northern regional coordinators, they called on the delegates to be discerning in their choice of the next chairman of the party. They said, having worked with Mr. Ntim for the past five years, they can state on authority that, he is the worst choice of a Chairman for the party.

Meanwhile, Osman Zakariya, the Upper East regional coordinator of the campaign team has confirmed to DAILY GUIDE that, all the three Northern regional coordinators have unanimously thrown their weight behind Freddie Blay, another chairmanship aspirant.

FROM Eric Kombat, Tamale