NPP Updates Membership Register

John Boadu

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has directed all constituency and polling station executives of the party across the country to update the register of members.

The decision to update the party’s register is in pursuance to Article 3 I (1) of its constitution, which states, “There shall be kept at every polling station and in the office of the party in each constituency, an up-to-date register of members of the party in the constituency which shall be updated every six months and forwarded to the National Secretariat.”

The directive, according to a press statement signed by the party’s Acting General Secretary, John Boadu, is in preparation towards the NPP’s impending primaries.

According to the statement, the party has extended the deadline for the completion and submission of the updated membership registers by 10 days in cognizance of a memo sent to the external branches of the party dated November 3, 2017 by the party’s International Relations Directorate, which gave 21st December as the deadline.

The statement set December 31, 2017 as the deadline for the completion of the exercise across all polling stations in the country and the external branches.

“We anticipate the full cooperation of members throughout this all-important exercise,” the statement said.

By Gibril Abdul Razak