Now Is The Time

With the results for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) now out, the next phase being school placement follows.

We have taken note of the various interventions by the Ghana Education Service (GES) to mitigate the annual ritual of hopping from one school to the other by desperate parents seeking placements for their wards.

The introduction of the computerized school placement system though has minimized the hassle, parents, nonetheless, undergo a certain level of stress resulting from their inability to access the high-notched schools. The Double Track system is designed to address this challenge.

This year, the school placement is like no other. We are about to witness the rolling out of the double-track novelty. Expectedly for selfish political ends, there are a few who would rather the exercise flops so they can turn around and say ‘we told you that it would not work’. Fortunately, painstaking efforts have been put in the project that but for the usual challenges which greet new initiatives, all would go well.

We call on parents and guardians to cooperate with the authorities as the new system is rolled out for the good of the country’s educational system.

We also call upon the GES to create complaints desk at the national, regional and district levels to address the possible challenges which could rear their heads as the novelty is rolled out.

Let them shut up those who do not have anything to offer in the way of ensuring the smooth takeoff of the project. It takes serious brains to conceptualise projects and implement same on the ground.

A crop of Ghanaians was at the helm which did not come out with antidotes for the nagging handicaps in the educational system hence the convolution. All the political establishment did was conceal their heads in the sand like the proverbial ostrich awaiting so-called infrastructure to be established before thinking about solutions.

We shall all watch and pray that all goes well with the wonderful initiatives custom-designed to allow all products of the Junior High School system to proceed to the free Senior High School with no room for dropouts as it featured in the previous order.