No Plaudits For Charlotte

Charlotte Osei, EC Boss

Men of God are hallowed personalities whose words should hardly be questioned or even mocked especially when these are steeped in divinity.

Before the reformation, such personalities in a section of the old churches were considered infallible.

Not when their remarks smack of integrity doubts as in the case of Archbishop Duncan-Williams’ bill of good integrity he has lavishly doled out to Charlotte Osei.

His reason for the testimonial to the lady he chooses to call his daughter stems from what for him is her excellent performance even when most Ghanaians had doubts about her propensity to deliver an integrity-driven polls in the country.

We do not think that Ghanaians, who demanded change, have rescinded their conclusion about the woman whose stubbornness could have cost us the serenity we are enjoying as a people today.

We do not have the experience of civil strife except for the isolated cases of inter and intra ethnic engagements in some parts of the country. That is why when we were pushed too close to the precipice by the negative signals from the performance of the Electoral Commission (EC) under the aegis of Charlotte Osei, we wondered why she could not care the hoot. Maybe it was because she could easily fly out to New Jersey in the US.

Anyway Ghanaians love their country so much that anything which shows symptoms of altering the status quo would be resisted by all means including hurling of invectives as they did to the EC Chairperson.

We wish to inform Duncan-Williams that Ghanaians have not and would not show any remorse for associating Charlotte’s performance with a mindset of serving the interest of one of the players on the political plane come what may.

To suggest, as Duncan-Williams seeks to do by his testimonial, worthless as it is anyway, that our EC Chief was above board through her deeds is to throw dust into the eyes of the good people of this country.

We have traversed many milestones in our democratic journey that we would not brook any attempt at querying us when we were, especially, justified in crying wolf against the backdrop of Charlotte’s disturbing body language.

We were justified in frowning when Charlotte’s abuse of the independence of the EC was going beyond acceptable reading.

That we have come out unscathed and posting electoral results without blemish is suggestive of the vigilance of the people of Ghana who have been once beaten and twice shy.

The electoral reforms which the Supreme Court suggested to the people of Ghana would not have come to being but for the insistence of the serious Ghanaians.

Charlotte was overwhelmed by the desire of Ghanaians to have a clean election.

The outcome was the result of the resolve of Ghanaians to deny Charlotte her parochial interest, period.

See what we mean by the bad testimonial posted by the Archbishop!