Nincompoop In A China Shop

There are many political imbeciles in the country and Joshua Akamba is one. Their varying level of imbecility reflects the sickness that has afflicted Mother Ghana and thrown many things asunder. President Akufo-Addo and his team are doing extra work just so the effects of the baggage from the bad old days created by such persons are reversed for the good of Ghana. Such behavioral shortcomings impacting negatively on the country should not extend beyond adult circles; last week though they did with Joshua Akamba being the originator. Engaging children in an SHS to do the bidding of a bad politician is an enactment which should not be entertained in any decent society.

Showering vitriolic on personalities is not a good practice except under unusual circumstances as the one presented on the political space by the said Joshua Akamba. As we pointed out in a previous editorial, commenting on the silliness of individuals is not our hallmark. We have been compelled, however, not to let go the nonsense enacted by this man in a public school without subjecting it to vitriolic treatment.

Who does partisan politics in a school whose pupils have not even attained the voting age? Only clowns do and unless they are stopped, their toxin would infect other areas which should be spared such stupidity.

We are at our wits end as to why a headmaster would succumb to the request of a man whose cognition is anything but in acceptable order.

Inciting young school pupils to rain invectives on the President of the country as the man under review did is a reflection of the state of the largest opposition party in the country, the National Democratic Congress (NDC). This is a party which can for their parochial political gains ignore moralities and contaminate the standards of discipline even in a school for young Ghanaians. Turning round to tell Ghanaians what fortunes awaits the country under their stewardship is simply put, hogwash and hypocritical and should be disregarded by all who cherish a good Ghana.

It is unsurprising that Akamba’s party has not found it necessary to denounce his action or otherwise. The silence in this instance obviously presupposes acquiescence. Instilling the culture of lies and indiscipline at a time when faith establishments, teachers and parents are not resting on their oars in their near desperate bid to salvage the ebbing discipline in Ghana as the NDC, represented by the said Akamba, is trying hard to undo the gains made, is enough evidence about why the former ruling party should not be entrusted with the fortunes and heritage of this country again. This country deserves to be ruled by persons of conscience and impeccable pedigree; of course not by persons who act and talk before thinking about the repercussions of these and for whom the end justifies the means. God save this country from the dictatorship of nincompoops.