NAFTI Jabs Stephanie Benson 

Stephanie Benson 

Head of Technical at the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI), Stanley Opoku Yeboah, has denied singer Stephanie Benson’s claim that she impatiently went back for some equipment she donated to the school due to negligence and the failure to fulfill certain promises made to her by the institute.

According to him, after Stephanie Benson had donated the items, she sent someone to pick them up later, claiming she needed them for a show in Kumasi and never returned them.

The UK-based singer had revealed on The Delay Show over the weekend that she had had to go back for donated equipment to the school because they were not being taken care of. She also thought that the promise made to her to give her a slot to begin her free music school initiative was not being fulfilled.

“They weren’t looking after it, and also there was a promise; the promise was, I was supposed to have a music compartment there for my free school. So that was promised to me and I thought I’d donate something and I’d be a part of what’s going on,” she explained.

Stephanie Benson added that she got impatient as the partnership with the school was not being rolled out as soon as she wanted.

“I got a little impatient because I wanted to start; I was so enthusiastic…so I did went back for the item,” she added.

However, Mr Opoku Yeboah, who expressed surprise at the singer’s claims, insisted that the equipment which consisted of cameras, lights and some lapels microphones were donated voluntarily and not on condition to allow a slot for a music school as Stephanie Benson is claiming.

“She brought a list of equipment to NAFTI. It was not under any condition as to whether the music production goes on or not, she just donated,” he told Hitz FM.

According to him, the donation was done in May 2012 at the time when the school was about to go on recession and to return in September, thus, the equipment have not been used yet.

He further narrated that Stephanie Benson called to find out if the equipment were in use, after which she asked for them apparently for a show; after she had been told otherwise.

“So Stephanie asked me whether we are using the equipment and I told her we are on vacation. She said she has a production in Kumasi and she wants to come for the equipment. So I was quite surprised because if you donate something to someone, why do you come back and use it?” he asked.

Mr Yeboah recounted that after the equipment had been “borrowed”, they were never brought back. He was insistent that contrary to the singer’s claims, the institution takes very good care of its equipment, as it still has in its possession resources from 20 years ago.