Mormon Open Missionary Training Centre In Accra

The African West Area President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Elder Terence Vinson has announced the opening of the newly constructed Missionary Training Centre (MTC) in Accra from 7-12 August, 2017.

Public tour of the new building would start from 8-12 August, 2007.

Each day’s tour begins at 9:00am and the final tour also begins at 4:00pm.

Tickets are not required to attend the open house.

Elder Vinson said, “The Ghana MTC is a place where missionaries will receive religious instructions, language training and learn teaching skills. They will also learn to develop, respect and cultural understanding of the areas where they will serve before traveling to their destinations.”

The new MTC facility, sponsored by the headquarters of the church in the United States, features extensive glass exteriors to maximize use of natural light and creates a sense of openness between the MTC and surrounding areas.

The building, designed to accommodate over 400 missionaries every month, is a five-storey residential apartment with facilities such as dormitories, post office, barber shops, laundry, large meeting rooms, rooms for practice lessons, and indoor and outdoor study areas.

Other facilities designed to enhance the missionary training experience are sports fields, recreational centers, computer rooms, multipurpose halls, book shops, cafeterias, among others.

Elder John Koranteng, who briefed the media after a tour, said that in the coming years, the new facility would accommodate 400 missionaries every three weeks to learn and prepare to serve the people of Africa while others will spend six weeks to learn a new language in addition to the training they will receive.

“Training lasts from three weeks to six weeks depending on the language needs,” he added.

Eplaining further, Elder John said the original Ghana MTC located in Tema was built in 2002 and served up to 100 new arrivals every three weeks, adding that the building would serve other purposes for the church.

Elder Hadley said that the missionaries will come from different countries around the world, many at their own expense because they love God and desire to heed the call from a prophet to serve the people of Africa.

By Abigail Owiredu-Boateng