Mischievous Distress Calls

The free SHS as a novelty and, of course, with an overwhelming influence, has defied all machinations to give it a bad name and hang it.

It has political enemies who would have rather the project was initiated by them – the dividends too juicy to lose. Having bastardised it as part of their propaganda project, the opposition NDC even described it as an unfeasible enterprise not worth the candle. Its eventual takeoff is one which has added to the mental woes of its adversaries as they scratch their heads for more ploys to throw into the spokes.

Our conviction that the enemies of the free SHS are restricted to the political sphere has been proven wrong by the subtle manouvres of some players in the education system. These persons are definitely doing the bidding of the frustrated politicians; their propaganda tactics, so not living up to expectation. Their malicious actions are so subtle that only the fastidious observer can read between the lines.

Such politicians have found in the Conference Of Heads Of Assisted Secondary Schools (CHASS) an amenable ally for the prosecution of the anti-free SHS project.

The concealment of political inclination by public officers including heads of educational institutions can be a difficult requirement. Some eventually expose themselves unwittingly as in the case of CHASS. The swiftness with which the conference unleashes press releases about shortage of funds to run schools smacks of mischief. Such distress calls, it has turned out, are totally unnecessary considering the track record of the current political administration and its commitment to ensuring that schools are adequately stocked with their needs.

A couple of days ago, one of such distress calls trended in the media – their motive not in doubt- create an impression of a wobbling free SHS which is exactly what it was intended to achieve.

We would wish that henceforth the Chairman of the conference finds a better way of dealing with the subject than the module he appears to be relishing because of its political dividends.

Unfortunately for the anti-free SHS persons, the initiative has come to stay and the earlier headmasters averse to it learned to live with it, the better.

It is unsurprising that headmasters who benefitted individually before the advent of the free-SHS are sulking and would not tarry a while before pressing the alarm button over the shortage of groundnut paste in the school kitchen.

The many tricks such bad elements applied to continue to milk parents in the early days of the project are still fresh in our memories.

Those involved in the management of the free SHS should ensure that everything is done to prevent delays in the release of funds for schools under the programme. The adversaries of the project would not hesitate to cry wolf when there is none. Deny them the oxygen they badly need to destroy the programme.

Some politicians are in constant touch with some members of CHASS and would stop at nothing to achieve their objective which is, of course, not in the overall interest of the country.

Now that the funds due have been settled, perhaps even before the CHASS release made it on social media, shouldn’t the Chairman tell the nation the good news?