Mirage 2020

Perhaps thinking hindsight or eyesight, congresspeople once targeted year 2020 as their vision for our motherland reaching a middle income status.

At the time, their (congresspeople’s) leader was far from visionary. So the 2020 economic vision was more a group than a leader’s vision. To their chagrin, ɔsonomma advanced the middle income in eight years out of the 20 they had projected. This time, they anticipate a 2020 election victory.

Unfortunately, if year 2016 exposed their chop, chop 20-year plan of a vision, Budget 2017, now, seems to have set for congress a mirage election victory 2020.

Indeed, congresspeople hope for victory 2020 forgetting the 2016 embarrassment.

However, the death knell in any such victory, pyrrhic if it would ever happen, was sounded in a 2017 budget statement and economic plan.

Successful implementation of the projections in the budget over the next eleven months or so would definitely provide the meaning of transformation congress distorted as erecting concrete structures without human presence in occupying them.

Today, you look around and you can see that the motherland can only expect her future prosperity from compatriot sexagenarians and septuagenarians.

The under sixties just blew the future by heavily indebting the motherland. Yes, ours is a motherland where the age fifty somethings and under are essentially the past and the sixties and over are the future.

Hear their laughable argument against the government machinery budget vote. They say when they were allocating around GH¢500 million for that line, they were always overspending, sometimes by over 100%. Someone else voting GH¢1.5 billion for one district one factory and one village one dam, must, therefore be a mystery.

They have nothing to show for their GH¢500 plus each year for eight years so they are scared stiff of someone showing functional factories and dams with GH¢1.5 billion.

Even the congress presidential campaign spokesperson said it.

She had only ‘seemed’ to suggest her congresspeople ‘wouldn’t be bothered should’ ɔsonomma ‘continue to rule,’ that is, occupy government house for the next eight years, all the way to 2024.

Yet that wouldn’t prevent one of the congress mouth, mouth people descending heavily (he is heavy too) on her.

Burly big mouth has jumped at the throat from which those words came and vehemently discredited, dismissed, and discounted her words.

He ended up denouncing her person and dissociating the group from that same persona. One would say then that, at least, in the mind of that one spokeswoman for the vanquished congress presidential candidate, a 2020 congress election victory is, as at now, a mirage. Maybe I am not among the most religious for me to invoke what’s to be seen as religious.

Akufo-Addo sounds believable expressing a leap of transformational faith of one district one factory and one village one dam. It’s Nkrumah’s independence similarly stated sentiment.

It is not a misnomer of transformation that is congress;’ borrowing huge sums of money to construct concrete structures and calling that transformation. You can see the congress desperation in all their acts.

As they reel from the one district one factory deliverable punch, they keep picking idle and tangential themes in debating the budget. Mainly, I believe this is so because they lack total credibility to back what they speak. And so the tactics continue to be trivialised diversions: the president belittled Nkrumah’s independence role; he did not wear the anniversary cloth; fanning octogenarian secessionists’ right to assemble.

One of them even says the budget is silent on jobs. Well, maybe he thinks everyone builds factories, such as the congress handiwork Komenda Sugar factory, that don’t work and, therefore, hires no one. Otherwise he would know one district one factory and one village one dam automatically create jobs.

One constituency one million dollars also means jobs.

By the time they are done with their whimsicalities, 2020 would have come and gone, provided ɔsonomma will stick to delivering the promised value for money.

Of course there is also the task of exposing the rotten chop, chop of the immediate congress past. The motherland auditor just as some over GH¢400,000 were blown by seven MMDAs.

This was as far back as 2011. I am sure by the time he gets to 2016 (with all the runway, bus branding and Woyome blowouts) congress will be on its knees.

Some say it is a beginning, too soon to say. But if things were normal without cheating (remember the shrew is still bouncing around and about sitting tight) a successful implementation of Budget 2017 alone (discounting other achievements post 2017) could consign chop, chop congress to no chop choplessness thereafter.

Those who know will tell you, though, that ‘in politics, one week is a long time.’ Politics is more of uncertainties than certainties.  Akosua Clinton will readily bear testimony to that.

By Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh