Mercenary Journalism

Charlotte Osei

They are embarking on a mission which would lead them to no productive end. The Charlotte Osei ouster has a few friends and these are in two categories. Those on a special payroll and therefore ready to rubbish the constitutionally established procedure applied in her ouster. The second group encompasses those whose political interests would be enhanced by an integrity shattered Electoral Commission (EC) and would do anything that would enhance their position or even incite the citizenry against the dismissal.

It is a complex project involving a lot of backstage activities. Members of the intelligence community should be busy at this time monitoring the series of meetings with various groups by disgruntled persons on behalf of a political party.

With money available in a war chest earmarked for the interest of the NDC, those with their political or business plans have chances to be engaged.  We think some have already been hired – this fact evidenced by the pro-Charlotte press conferences now dotting the nation’s capital.

Until we allow the law to hold sway in all our dealings, the growth we want our dear country to register would be a mirage, light years away from being realised.

Nobody can cow Corporate Ghana to succumb to their obsession. Such persons should disabuse their minds of being the sole repositories of knowledge.

We too can become a Rwanda when such hypocrisy by those myopic personalities is shoved aside. The nonsense is becoming unbearable and the tendency to be diplomatic fast fading.

The fate of Ghana is at stake and those who still love this country and would rather she floats on calm waters to satisfying their self aggrandizement should sneer at the mercenary journalists and their NDC masters.

Have they forgotten so soon the assurance they gave Charlotte Osei that the petition would yield no fruit?

There is as much money to oil the Charlotte project as there are more Ghanaians intent on seeing that the rule of law prevails.

Now some younger Ghanaians can appreciate the saying ‘that what adults foresee the young cannot survey even if they mount the tallest tree.’ When President Addo-Kufuor, even in the face of a prima facie case established against the EC trio, decided not to use his predecessor’s brush when faced with Loretta Lamptey, many complained about his seeming indifference. Indeed he remained unfazed as the demand for an action from him rose in intensity. Even in the face of the glaring show of political maturity and obvious desire to allow the law to run its full course, the mercenary journalists and their ilk in the NDC have embarked on a noise and useless enterprise to make the country as some of them promised ‘ungovernable.’

A pickpocket would always be suspicious that others are about to dip their hands in other persons’ pockets. That has informed the NDC suspicion that if Nana chooses an EC Chairperson and commissioners he would manipulate the electoral system.

It is instructive that the NDC has had the singular opportunity over the years, from 1992 to make the most important appointments at the EC. For them to be worried that another political party has been endowed with the rare chance of doing so, is to be saddled with the apprehension that there could be an unholy alliance between the NPP and the EC.

Ghanaians have not forgotten the concealed seminar organised by the EC for the NDC with Amadu Sulley at the fore.

Let the NDC rest assure that the NPP is naïve about electoral thievery and would not even know how to make the first move; such knowledge being the monopoly of the main opposition party.