Mechanization Center For Northern Region

Thomas Abanga

The CEO of A&G Agro-Mechanical Industries Thomas Abanga, has hinted of plans by the company to have an assembling plant in Ghana, Tamale to be precise.

The A&G Agro-Mechanical Industries Company is partnering with other companies in Holland and Turkey to undertake the project at Tamale in the Northern Region.

The building of an assembling plant will see the manufacturing of all parts of the tractors and its implements in Tamale.

“The engineering should be done in this country and so next we will be assembling our tractors in Tamale.”

According to him, the tradition of bringing tractors from outside the country that do not suit our weather condition is part of the reason the machines do not last due to the ecologist system that it is made for.

The CEO revealed that, his outfit is currently recruiting personnel to undergo training in India, Turkey and Holland to enhance the agriculture sector in the Northern Region.

He disclosed that the company will collaborate with all Technical Universities and institutions in the country to provide practical training to students.

Mr. Abanga believes that, lack of opportunities and innovation in the northern part of the country has greatly contributed to the condition of farmers in the region.

“The time has come for Africa and Ghana to rise and shine, though it comes with challenges, it is worth it even if it might not happen during my time but someone has to lead the way and that is what I am doing to help grow the agric sector in Northern Region.”

The A&G Agro-Mechanical Industries sell tractors to farmers in the Northern Region and its surrounding with a flexible price plan including service and maintenance agreement.

FROM Eric Kombat, Tamale