Manifesto Promise Made Good

It has been subjected to all manner of taunts on the political terrain by those who presaged doom for it.

From a description of being a ruse to an impossibility which should be disregarded by right thinking citizens, the free SHS has finally landed the bad tongues, notwithstanding.

In spite of the initial hiccups, features of all novelties of such magnitude, the free SHS shall remain an enduring legacy, its benefits the envy of those who failed to consider it when they were at the helm.

To discount challenges in the implementation stages of such novelties is to exhibit a high dose of ignorance about policies with omnibus outlay.

Even as we compose this commentary, those who stood in the way of the implementation of the free SHS and even demonized it with flimsy remarks such as ‘free things are never good’ inter alia, are hosting one of their numerous press conferences intended, as it were, to try a last run on the demolition march.

Thankfully like other crusades they have applied, this too is dead at birth.

Whatever they would put out on the public domain cannot come anywhere near the benefits of an omnibus gratis education for pupils who gain admission into SHS.

That they were unable to seize the opportunity to leave a lasting a legacy on the sand of history in the all- important sphere of education is certainly reason they are ranting about nothing, their illogical remarks turning them into anything but respectable ladies and gentlemen whose word should be revered.

The inability of many children to further their education beyond the primary school and its attendant challenges on the socio-economic situation of the country is household knowledge among not only the lettered but others outside this bracket.

It is a welcome relief that a cornerstone of the manifesto of the now ruling party in the direction of addressing a major drawback in the country is eventually being tackled.

It has been a long and tortuous journey to yesterday when the project was flagged off.

Paid-up commercials were put out by persons who could only be described as sulking politicians for who anything not emanating from them deserves bastardising, as in the case of the subject under review.

The best persons to present a picture of the new policy are the direct beneficiaries of the free SHS and not those who have parochial interest.

It is worthy of note that the beneficiaries of the project, parents and pupils, are joyful that a promise made to them when the then flag bearer Akufo-Addo straddled the country with his messages has been made good, a situation making it possible for them to use their savings for other expenditures. Opportunity costs at play we can bet. Governments do not dole out monies to citizens to lavish.

Good interventions such as the free SHS, a workable health insurance policy, among others when implemented sincerely would enable citizens to save monies for other obligations. That is an aspect of responsible and good governance which has never been so amply displayed.