Lying Shouldn’t Pay

One congresspeople’s teaching says lies pay. Thus they have many who are pathological liars. So what arrogance the ayariliar! Attempting to ride roughshod over an entire national institution? When we were young, we would call that: ‘the impudence of a cockroach.’ We would add uncouth bunch of vagabonds and ne’er-do-wells supporting a no-cause and bringing into disrepute a house created to stand as an august institution.

Only these people who eat by heart, drink by heart, chase women and men by heart and do no exercise will cheer on that disgraceful and embarrassing undignified behaviour.

He lies. After the lie, he dares total disrespect to the position, and for the person, of the spokesperson, who is the third citizen of the motherland.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, he has support from those who would behave similarly in his circumstance. Here’s one who spokesperson-thieved and sports thieved. He then education atlas thieved. Hours to exiting post-election defeat, he attempted thieving with an 18 million Euro worth e-waste contract.

That same man thieved our tractors and thieved lots and lots of our sports money he spent without a budget and, therefore, couldn’t account for. He has no shame being cheeky and unrepentant. Deceived into being a hero, he was unworthily cheered on by the wrong people. He assumed that was solidarity; that that ignorance following was worth something to consider.

One day, he was way out of the capital, gone somewhere to distribute tractors he had stolen. There was some kind of trouble and when they called him on radio, you could literally see a big, big mouth saying he had been briefed by the regional security as if he was someone, who was entitled to be ‘briefed’ by security people far bigger than his little self.

For the vast majority of congresspeople, it is still the coup mentality. Just like they cannot, or deliberately refuse, to understand the difference between Nkrumah and their wretched leaders, they completely lack an appreciation for when to be cool-headed and when to be hot headed. In their attitudes and behaviours, wrong is right if it enables the comfort of their persons. Work is no condition for personal prosperity. The key to material success is access to public money and resources.

Our motherland is confronted with the Herculean task of deepening elective democracy expecting ampɛbrɛ with rabble rouser coup mentality to be faithful partners in that effort. Watch them closely. They began

as hirelings to go and sit on radio and insult anyone who they found better than congresspeople. They were then trained to help steal elections. When that scheme worked, these elements were appointed as presidential staffers with the remit of going on radio to insult ɔsonomma along with any compatriot, who dared oppose the congress nonsense of governance.

With all the money they stole under presidential auspices, they marched to constituencies to buy primaries; proceed to buy and steal votes with which they now want to be known and called honourables.

In spite of their only political career as insulters and stealers of public money and election results, they want to be known and called honourables. They cannot be honourables. They are misfits in an honourable house. My beef is that throw them out at the least opportunity or they will continue to dishonour the house.

Matured people are aware that some truth need not, must not and cannot be spoken. Speaking that kind of truth can lead to the innocent suffering from harm. So if you think, and even do know for a fact, that that is the truth, you must not speak it. In not just politics but other aspects of life, there must be some wholesale somewhere in your head where you keep facts.

Those are usually facts that are never to be retailed. You may call them secrets. If you cannot harbour such, your true human status becomes questionable.

Go talk to the most committed freedom of speech and expression advocate and s/he will admit there are certain ‘truths’ locked up in the subconscious part of the brain they will never unlock all the way to the grave.

The truth is that kind of truth can easily be construed as a lie because its context that will validate truthfulness must have been lost irrecoverably.

Ayaritractor, ayariatlas, ayarisouthafrica, ayarihenevermetsolomon, ayariliar, ayarimouthmouth is unfit to be in an honourable house.

He must be housecleaned out of the honourable house. Otherwise he will again and again bring the name of the house into repeated disrepute. He is an ayarincorrigible. Clean him out of the house or he will continue to take the house to the cleaners. In my world, the man would additionally be debarred for bringing a learned profession into disrepute. Ayarilying must be met squarely with ayarisorrowing.

By Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh