Law Students Boycott Exams

The empty hall exam hall

Over 400 students of the Ghana School of Law yesterday boycotted a paper they were supposed to write in protest against a mix-up in the questions.

The 2016/2017 students were supposed to write their second paper for the first semester but their Students’ Representative Council (SRC) led the boycott of the paper.

According to the students, even though they were writing a Criminal Procedure paper, two of the questions were on Law of Evidence.

The paper was also said to be below standard, as it was bedeviled with unpardonable mistakes which a body like the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) ought not to be committing.

Some of the students argued that in the past, they were required to answer four out of eight questions, but the IEB since last year had reduced them to six questions.

The students further claimed another question on Criminal Procedure was cancelled in front of the students in the exam hall due to leakage.

“This turned out to be false information because the question had not leaked but was rather a past question that had been repeated,” a visibly miffed student stated.

He added that “this reduced the number of questions the students could answer as they were now left with only four options which were now compulsory because of these errors. “Among these four options was a question which is not part of the syllabus taught at the Ghana School of Law.”

According to the irate student, the IEB, the autonomous body consisting of judges and lawyers, who are now responsible for all exams in the School of Law, since its inception, had been saddled with several law suits.

One of the suits brought against the school by Professor Kwesku Asare is currently pending before the Supreme Court.

The IEB has been accused of failing to work with the lecturers at the Ghana School of Law, which have led many students to fail their exams.