LA Youth Spit Fire

The aggrieved members addressing the media during the press conference

A group calling itself Coalition of La Youth Association (COLA) has attacked the Mahama-led National Democratic Congress (NDC) government for its failure to sustain and consolidate the gains made by previous governments on Ga-Dangme land issues.

According to the group, President John Mahama and his government have thrown caution to the wind and decided to roll back the gains made, and with the connivance of the Ghana Armed Forces and the Lands Commission, they continue to steal Ga-Dangme lands.

At a press conference organised to pour out their concerns, Chairman of the group, Augustine Nii Amoanai, disclosed that the people of Ga-Dangme have witnessed many unjust treatments over the past concerning undue land grabbing, leading to an action by the then president, John Evans Atta Mills, to redistribute the lands to their allodia owners, but the move failed to see the light of day when John Mahama took over as president.

He said although people have high hopes and confidence in the president who is the commander-in-chief of the Ghana Armed Forces to order some level of sanity on the unruly behaviour of the military, the president is rather supporting their activities, thereby, making lives uncomfortable for people living on their legally acquired lands.

“Sadly enough, our brothers and sisters around and within the corridors of power have lost their voices relative to issues affecting the Ga-Dangme people, which silence we find as condoning the raw deal government is serving our people,” he said.

According to Nii Amoanai, “It has also been alleged that one Ibrahim Mahama is part of the syndicate engaged in this plundering of our lands.”

He has also alleged that the military has extended its illegal activities into virgin areas which have never been under dispute against the AG’s legal advice asking the military to halt activities on the land until all acquisition processes have been consummated.

Nii Amoanai also alleged that a syndicate which is alleged to be headed by Mr Mahama is operating on the Adenta Aviation lands which case is in court.

“Our information is that the entrenched position of the current MP for Adenta, Hon Ashie Moore, against the activities of the syndicate led the machination against his re-election to represent the constituency.”

The group also pointed out that government is planning to demolish all structures from the police barracks to the 37 Lorry Park which will be relocated to the Kawukudi Park under what government termed ‘Airport Extension Project, Phase II.’

He said, “We expect details of the project to be disclosed to us with the accompanying compensation arrangements to the allodia owners of the lands affected. Government is contemplating on a sale of the Ghana International Trade Fair” and demanded that the move be aborted until all issues relating to the compensation of the Trade Fair acquisition are sorted out.

Nii Amoanai also revealed several attempts by the regional minister to commission landguards who, on countless occasions, terrorise the people of Amrahia and Ashie dispossessing the rightful owners of their land.

According to him, President John Mahama and his NDC government have marginalised the people of Ga-Dangme for too long, as it has exhibited complacency in extracting Ghana Armed Forces, government officials and state agencies’ illegal and unruly activities on Ga-Dangme lands.

“The government that does not listen to its people is not worth following. We conclude by saying that the so-called rule of law and democracy is rather an empty rhetoric and not operational under the current circumstances since there is freedom but no justice on Ga-Dangme matters,” he said.

The group has, therefore, given government a one-week ultimatum to act on their concerns, since gross neglect of the Ga-Dangme people would result in drastic actions from them.

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