Kobina Ansah Hosts ‘Tribeless’ @ National Theatre

A section of the cast

‘Tribeless’, a new play written by Kobina Ansah and produced by Scribe Productions, will be staged at the National Theatre on Saturday, June 16, 2018.

The first show will be staged at 4:00pm and the second show is at 8:00pm. Patrons to the Kobina Ansah’s productions have been promised an exciting play.

Kobin Ansah, who is a columnist in the Mirror is known for his plays such as ‘This Family Is Not For Sale Season & 2’, ‘I Want To Sue God’, ‘My Wife In Law’ and currently ‘Tribeless’.

All his plays have a common focus of sparking social changes and conveying deep lessons.

Set in a ghetto, ‘Tribeless’ tells the story of four friends who at their wits end form a music/dance team. With a bigger dream to pursue their own careers, they dare to use their music and dancing talents to get what they want.

Twists and turns set in when the group reaches the verge of breaking up at the height of its success because of one teammate’s greed and selfishness.

‘Tribeless’ is strictly for people with dreams. It is themed on having a dream and pursuing it with all of one’s might whatever regardless,” Kobina Ansah stated.

Tickets are selling at GH¢50 are available at Quick & Fine (UPSA), Say Cheers (Accra Mall), All Needs Shop (Legon campus) and all Goil and Total filling stations.