Kasapreko Distributors Tour South Africa

The group at the FNB Stadium, Johannesburg

Alcoholic beverage manufacturer, Kasapreko Company Limited, took its distributors and their spouses on a tourism trip to South Africa.

The tour which was organised by Kaya Tours had distributors visiting unique tourist sites such as the Lions Park, Lesedi Cultural Village, where South Africa’s cultural and historical heritage is kept, and Soweto, the black community that was separated from the Johannesburg in the apartheid era. The group also visited the FNB Stadium, the biggest stadium in Africa, and one of the stadiums used during the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The National Sales Manager of Kasapreko, Gustiv Justice Kweku Arhin, disclosed that the trip was geared towards rewarding the distributors for their commitment and outstanding performance for the year in 2017.

He also added that the trip was aimed at maintaining a healthy relationship and showing appreciation towards distributors.

“Some of the distributors have been with us for over 20 years and have supported and contributed to make the brand what it is today so we now see them as partners within the value chain,” Mr Arhin stated.

“It is also an effort to build trust and improve cohesion for the year 2018 as partners in business because the distributors have done lot of work within the year and it is time the company indulges and appreciates them,” he added.

Persons selected on the tour were picked from the company’s top three distributors in terms of volume and performance. They included Prince Piddah Enterprise, PFee Hi Enterprise, Grande Agencies Limited, Augustine Kwateng Enterprise, VickyBecky Enterprise and Lez J Enterprise.