Joselyn Dumas Narrates Rape Attempt 

Joselyn Dumas

In the latest episode of Keeping It Real With Joselyn Dumas on GHone, Joselyn Dumas revealed that she was nearly raped by a Ghanaian business tycoon.

She, however, refused to mention the man in question.

The actress and TV personality disclosed that she went for a business presentation to close a deal and after, the guy tried to forcefully kiss her and have his way with her.

According to her, it was the most awkward feeling she had ever experienced. She said this during a chit-chat with her friends, Stephanie Karikari and Yaa Boadi Okudzeto, on the topic ‘Corporate Whore’.

“Have you ever had a situation where the guy probably kiss you in his office, after you finished talking, and he’s literally, trying to pounce on you?” she asked her friends.

Stephanie and Yaa responded, “No.” However, Joselyn responded, saying, “I have.”

“It is the most awkward feeling because you know this is somebody you know for a fact, and you need to go to the next level with this deal,” she added.

Joselyn’s claim comes at the time Hollywood is awash with sexual harassment treatments against women by men.


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