Jeanette Akua Out With ‘Drunk’

Jeanette Akua

Jeanette Akua, a UK-based pop singer, has joined the community of Ghanaians influencing other cultures with their good music.

She is South African and Ghanaian and says her style is influenced by her African culture.

After auditioning for South African Idols and being rejected, Jeanette moved to the United Kingdom to follow her dreams. She arrived in London with no money and just one suitcase but was determined to make it.

Jeanette later became a finalist on the X Factor UK and Britain’s Got Talent. She’s just released her first solo single with a video called ‘Drunk’.

“It’s about getting out of a toxic relationship you knew you should have never been in to start with! How many of us have been there? All your friends and family kept telling you “no” but you ignored all the red flags and by the time you want to leave it’s much harder to get out. Relationships can be messy. The song is messy. I’m messy but I hope you can somehow connect, understand and/or just enjoy the song,” she explained the song on Instagram.