Interrogate These Tell-Tale Audios

Elsewhere in this edition, there is a scary story about some audios which have gone viral on social media. Both contain threats by some persons purporting to be based in Ivory Coast but heading for Ghana to kill their opponents in a continuation of the Tijaniyya intra-sect row which has engulfed the Islamic communities in the country.

Although we are confident that they are domiciled in Ghana and not Ivory Coast as they want us to believe, we think that the threats they have issued verbally represent adequate warning signals for the National Security apparatus to act if they have not done so already.

A few days ago, there was a press conference at the Abossey Okai Central Mosque by the National Council of Zongo Chiefs on the recent challenge to the authority of the National Chief Imam by a cleric from Prang. Those who attended the press conference would attest to the fact that there is tension in some communities with a large Muslim population.

The many motorbike-riding youth who turned up for the press conference and their demeanour suggested their readiness to do, as they were told by whoever was their leader and therefore responsible for their being there. We cannot afford to fold our arms as a group of youth challenge the status quo and throw the whole country into an avoidable chaos.

The audios which prompted this commentary should be interrogated adequately and those suspected to be associated with their contents arrested and questioned. The man with a knife to his neck, suggesting that he is ready to kill must be smoked out and interrogated. There is another voice which claims that their group would be approaching Accra from Techiman to revenge for the attack some members of their sect suffered in Accra.

Not doing something about these smoking guns is not an option. We all know the Boko Haram menace in Nigeria and the surrounding countries. It started on a small scale and expanded.  Religion and for that matter Islam can be abused by persons whose religiousness is in doubt; the result of which can be incendiary.

We are encouraged by the National Chief Imam’s call for all to bury the hatchet; that for us is the mark of a peace-loving personality. Even after the insults hurled at him, he remains calm and continues to tread the path of piety.  Khalifa Abu Fail, who is the leader of the Jalos and whose remarks have pushed us to the precipice, should also issue a statement denouncing violence and scathing remarks.  This way, we can be assured of lasting peace.

With the youth supporters of the National Chief Imam telling Khalifa Abu Fail not to preach in Accra, something nasty could happen if he calls their bluff and repeats his obnoxious stance.

We cannot afford such melees at this time of our national development. Let everything be done to address the fracas once and for all.