Insincerity Like No Other

Former President John Mahama

Former President John Mahama reminds us about the notorious cocoa roads and how such phantom projects were used to drain the state kitties under his aegis.

During his latest yet futile efforts at running down his successor’s government, he left nobody in doubt about his frustration at the diminishing returns his bid for a comeback to political relevance is recording.

Why would he, for instance, continue to cry over the ‘incompetence tag’ as he did in the Upper East Region a few days ago?  We wonder whether he would ever forgive Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia for festooning him with the ‘incompetent’ tag.

In the Upper East Region where he defied the good counsel of observers in his party to avoid renting crowds, he lashed at President Akufo-Addo, for as he claimed, ignoring the projects he initiated while in office, especially the Bolga to Bawku road. Whatever that means can best be judged by Ghanaians who taught him a bitter lesson during the last elections.

Former President John Mahama does not have a monopoly over sarcasm and innuendos and should resort to them sparingly, lest he opens the floodgates for Ghanaians to turn the heat on him. “If President Akufo-Addo would not continue the hospitals and schools we started, as for the Bolga to Bawku road we started we beg him to complete for us.” He makes it sound as though he loves the people of Upper East more than President Akufo-Addo. Consider his use of ‘we’. Since when did he hail from the Upper East Region? The former president should put a stop to the un-dignifying remarks and let those at the helm restore the country’s dignity.

Ghanaians are no longer forgetful if they have ever been anyway as he claimed sometime ago. They are not oblivious to the rot which has been unearthed in his administration.

It is interesting and amazing that he would not shut up at this time when so much have come out about how he mismanaged this country. Mahama roads? What is he talking about when the roads in the country are in their most despicable state since independence?  With the onset of the rains, motorists and the travelling public are dreading how much expansion would visit the numerous potholes.

Why did he not complete the roads he is talking about before exiting office?

The Eastern Corridor road is a major preoccupation of the government as are others strewn across the country. It is insulting to underestimate the intelligence of the good people of this country by assuming that they are oblivious about how the former president ran down the economy.

As for the midnight propaganda asphalting of selected roads and the ballooned cost of the project Ghanaians have the snippets.

If only he passes through his party’s primary and emerges their flagbearer, he would learn once more how much disdain his compatriots have for him. Come on John, don’t take things for granted.