Impropriety And Economic Nonsense

Like a bad dream, the interoperability faux pas continues to resonate on the political plane and abroad where our compatriots in the Diaspora are following the raging debate with keen interest.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has so far not found an antidote to the scathing subject as it nibbles at the remaining integrity left on their image; every move they take on the public space pushing them deeper in the mud.

Fresh questions emerged since yesterday’s DAILY GUIDE commentary on the smelly subject. It has been asked why Roland Agambire became prominent in the interoperability brouhaha too; his links with the previous government regarded as geared towards fleecing the state.

Johnson Asiamah is very busy seeking to reverse the bad picture already in the public domain but like all such unacceptable deals, he ended up shooting himself in the foot.

The NDC must calm down, gather itself, and come back again. For now its position that government did not have to cough the said GH¢4.6m – the money coming from the winner sounds pedantic. Be it as it may, the Ghanaian mobile phone user and the state are those to be fleeced. The politicians implicated in the dirty deal and with whose authority the arrangement was crafted, will reap from it for decades to come.

We are tempted to recall what we said in a previous commentary ‘had there not been a change in government what would have happened to Ghana?’ She would have gone bankrupt after a while given the reckless manner in which the finances of the country were being managed by the crop of people voted by Ghanaians to be in charge of her affairs.

The absence of consistency in the position of the NDC in the matter under review is worrying but it tells us that it is a futile effort to rescue the party from drowning under the barrage of negative public opinion.

What is this nonsense about the Bank of Ghana being an independent entity and a regulator therefore solely responsible for the deal? The choice of a manager of the apex bank, the governor for that matter, is a political action by the President.

In any case, why is the former Deputy Governor of the apex bank so active in the brouhaha like a typical NDC serial caller or foot soldier? He ended up reading the statement his boss denied authoring. We are constrained to ask why some of us have decided to be playing a mind game with the people of Ghana?

The choice of the eventual bidder in the bad deal was skewed in favour of the Agambire-linked company – just so the political system would be oiled from the spoils of the dirty deal in future electoral projects. This country is interesting, seriously.