I Started Music Career As A Dancer- Mr Drew

Mr Drew 

Mr Drew captured the hearts of many Ghanaians during the 2017 MTN Hitmaker music reality show, and although he missed out on the ultimate prize, he is back and determined to stamp his authority on the Ghanaian music scene with his latest single titled ‘Gimme Love’.

Signed to the Kaywa’s Highly Spiritual record label, Mr Drew’s ‘Gimme Love’ is a testament to his considerable talent and musical prowess.

On ‘Gimme Love’, a mid-tempo Afrobeats love song, Mr Drew delivers a powerful performance capable of rivalling any other in the music game.

Mr Drew channels the feelings of anyone who has ever had to profess love to the object of his affection on ‘Gimme Love’.

He sings for the affection of his love one and promises to be her world if only she would agree to his proposal.

According to Mr Drew, the track is a teaser meant to whet the appetite of music lovers and his fans, as well as to prove to all those who ever doubted him that he has what it takes.

Mr Drew admitted that although the Ghanaian music scene is a tough one to break into, he knows he has what it takes to make it onto the big stage. According to him, he started out as a dancer and his switch into music is a move that has surprised many who are still doubting if he can make it as a musician.

“Many people who know how good I am as a dancer are still baffled that I chose to do music instead but it is my goal to prove to them that my decision to do music is the right one,” he revealed.

Kaywa’s influence can be felt all over the song as he expertly puts together a composition which merges brilliantly with Mr Drew’s vocal delivery on the song.

Mr Drew called on his teeming fans who have supported him throughout his musical journey to stand solidly behind him as he embarks on the new phase of his career.

‘Gimme Love’ is the MTN Hitmaker season seven participant’s first single since he signed onto Kaywa’s Highly Spiritual record label.